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How an ‘Internal Water Price’ Helps Companies Make Better Decisions

Setting an internal price focused on the true value of water helps leaders better understand and manage risk

Too often, water is seen as a low-cost commodity—and not the precious resource vital to life and business that it is. This mismatch is due in part to how much organizations pay for the water they use. The end price of water is often undervalued and divorced from local realities, meaning it does not adequately account for scarcity or quality concerns. In fact, water can be relatively inexpensive in areas that are highly water stressed. If left unaddressed, this underappreciation of water exposes organizations to a host of risks.

Investing in Water Stewardship


by Thomas Schumann of Thomas Schumann Capital and Willem Buiter of Columbia University

The Water Council Launches WAVE to Accelerate Water Stewardship

Program helps companies assess water risk and verify stewardship progress
Press Release

MILWAUKEE, February 3, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The Water Council today announces a new program to improve, report and recognize good corporate water stewardship. WAVE – Water Stewardship Verified – provides a proven onramp for companies to develop thoughtful strategies, set meaningful goals and take impactful action on water across the enterprise, concluding with independent verification that the company has built a credible foundation of knowledge on which to base its water stewardship work.

New Analysis Shows Value at Risk From Negative Water Impacts in Apparel and Meat Industries

Companies could face nearly 1.8 billion in costs to address their negative water impacts
Press Release

December 8, 2021 /3BL Media/ - A first-of-its-kind analysis finds that the cost of addressing harmful water impacts could top nearly $1.8 billion annually for some large publicly-traded packaged meat and apparel companies, and could lead to a change in company valuation of up to -47%, according to new res

Sustainability Reporting: Are You Disclosing What Really Matters to Your Investors?


A recent report from Ceres analyzed how well the 476 largest companies of the Forbes Global 2000 disclose and perform on five key indicators that are highly valued by today’s investors. The results? There are some major gaps that need to be filled.

Read about what information investors really want and how your organization can find the unique reporting path that’s right for you.

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GM Named to CDP Supplier Water A List


Water management is core to making GM’s global operations more efficient. It includes working towards the goal of reducing water intensity by 15 percent by 2020, from a 2010 baseline. It also includes improving supply chain engagement in water use globally.

In the recent study by CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform, GM was awarded a position on the Supplier Water A List, in recognition of its actions to address environmental issues.

New Investor Toolkit: Investor Voices on Water

Multimedia with summary

Monika Freyman, Director of Investor Water Engagement shares her insights on the latest interactive web-based resource - “The Investor Water Toolkit” - a comprehensive tool that helps investors become more water aware.

Ceres, Global Investors With $6 Trillion in AUM Release First-Ever Toolkit for Managing Water Risks in Investment Portfolios

The toolkit comes as majority of stocks in investment indices found to be in industries with medium to high water risk
Press Release

December 5, 2017 /3BL Media/ - The first-ever, comprehensive, online toolkit for investors to evaluate and understand water risks was released today by the sustainability nonprofit organization, Ceres, along with an analysis of water risk in major global indices.

Why Water Security Is the Future of Water Stewardship


Are traditional water stewardship practices going to be enough to sustain water access, availability, and quality — and your business — for the long-term? To put it bluntly, no. Read why Antea Group believes that water stewardship is not the end game — it’s the kick-off, and water security is the actual winning touchdown.

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How to Activate a World Class Water Stewardship Strategy Within Your Company


Companies are under increasing pressure to become better global water stewards. If your organization aspires to world class water stewardship, you need to check out the World Class Water Stewardship framework that can help guide your efforts. Antea Group's blog offers guidance and steps to using this framework to your best advantage.


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