Survey of Adoption Attitudes Reveals Surprising Trend


Every five years the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption measures the attitudes of Americans and their feelings and thoughts about foster care adoption. This year the survey was completed by Nielsen on behalf of the Foundation and there were some surprising trends.

One of the main take-aways from this year’s study is that many families who adopt already have children, debunking a long standing opinion that only families who can’t have biological children adopt. There’s also a growing sentiment in the United States that every child is adoptable.

After Seven Years in Foster Care, Teen Boy is Adopted


When Phoenix Creech was adopted on July 14th, it ended seven years of uncertainty. Phoenix had been in foster care for 2,598 days before finally being adopted by his forever family. His Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter never gave up hope and we are so thankful she didn’t.

Dave Thomas Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary


It is an exciting year for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as we celebrated our 25th anniversary on July 31. Since 1992, the Foundation has been committed to the vision of our founder, Dave Thomas: to ensure every child has a permanent and loving family. Our mission has never wavered. Each day we work to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care. We believe that family is the birthright of every child and that every child is adoptable.

Going the Distance: Foster Care Adoption Finalized after 10 Years


Sometimes the adoption process seems like a never-ending journey, but here at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption we believe it is always worth it.

These siblings joined their forever family shortly after they were born, but were officially adopted just last month! After more than eight and 10 years, respectively, in foster care, Kailyn and Jonathan now officially share their parents' last name! Their smiles say it all.

After 11 Years in Foster Care, Teen Now Has Forever Family


Did you know that not all adoption finalizations happen in a courtroom? There are many circumstances that could lead to a finalization happening at home, over the phone! That’s exactly how it happened for the Buchanan family when they adopted Heather.

Heather has Asperger’s and had been in foster care for 11 years in the state of Washington and finally she was matched with a family in Indiana. The judge called their house and she was officially adopted over the phone in her living room.

Former Foster Youth Is Now Adoptive Mom


Imagine growing up in foster care and never being adopted. You start your life as an 18 year old on your own and build a family of your own. What’s the next step? For Nichole, it was adopting an older child from foster care to ensure that he had the love and support as an adult that she didn’t have.

Dispelling Myths and Finding Families


The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption not only works to find adoptive families for children in foster care, we also work to dispel myths about the adoption process.

Did you know that there is no age limit on who can adopt? Did you know that foster care adoption is low cost and often free? Did you know that families members can adopt children who are in foster care?

Living Life to the Fullest Thanks to Adoption


Chris was in and out of foster care before being referred to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy's Wonderful Kids program. This program finds loving, permanent homes for children who have been waiting in foster care the longest. Using our Child-Focused Recruitment Model, his adoption recruiter found the Newton family, who knew there was a need for more families willing to adopt older children.

Being the Constant in a World of Change


“I was a little nervous at first, but knowing Sandy, I had no doubt that she would find me a good family. And just having that thought in your head gives you a great sense of comfort and belonging.”


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