Ready, Willing and "Abel"


When a family opens their heart to foster care adoption they not only change the path of a child’s life, they change their own path too.

Little Abel didn’t have the easiest start to life. After spending his first months in a hospital, he was put into foster care immediately. Today, two years later, he is in a loving home and thriving with his adoptive family. His adoption was finalized just last month and not only does he now have a mom and dad, he has two brothers who were also adopted by the Carroll family! What a busy home!

Looking Sharp


The Sharps brothers were looking sharp on Adoption Day! After 496 days in foster care, Braeden, 9, Koda, 8, and Tyler, 6, were adopted on May 23, 2017. Welcome home, boys! 

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is committed to dramatically increasing the number of adoptions from foster care. We believe that every child deserves a safe, loving, permanent family.

My Greatest Challenge Became My Greatest Joy


Laura is a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter in Ohio. She works diligently to provide youth in foster care with safe, loving and permanent homes. She strongly believes you never outgrow the need for family. 

Two Families Adopt Group of Siblings, Vow to Keep Children Connected


Keeping sibling groups together is at the core of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s mission. The Foundation works to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care and our adoption recruiters focus on older children, sibling groups and children with special needs. Keeping brothers and sisters together is paramount to a sense of family.

With 110,000 children waiting to be adopted from foster care, the need for families willing to open their hearts and homes is critical.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Proud of Top Ranking


The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is proud to share it has earned a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator. This means the Foundation consistently executes its mission in the most fiscally responsible way. In fact 90 percent of the funds donated to the Foundation go back into our programs.

After Eight Years in Foster Care, Young Girl Finally Gets Forever Family


Imagine spending your entire young life in foster care. From birth until age 8, Erianna was moved 12 times to different foster homes. It wasn’t until she met her adoptive parents that she finally had the stability she deserved.

Now she is celebrating her 10th birthday and adoption finalization with her forever family. These are the stories the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption loves to hear. Children, who by no fault of their own, are placed in foster care finally getting the loving, permanent home they deserve.

What We Do In Life Matters. So Does When We Do It.

Multimedia with summary

Through your generosity, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has found loving families for more than 6,200 children. But the work isn’t done. Each year more than 20,000 young adults age out of foster care without being adopted. That means no one to celebrate high school graduation; no one to read the lease on their first apartment; no one to visit during the holidays.

Behind the Scenes with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


With more than 25 years of stories to tell, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption hit the road to highlight some of the families who have adopted through our signature Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.

Today we’re sharing behind the scenes shots from our visit with the Brydges family and even brought along a special guest, their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter Rachel Adler.

Always On My Mind


Felicia Newell is a grants manager for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. She is also a former WWK recruiter who continues to have a passion for foster care adoption.

In August 2016, my husband of 20 years passed away. I was 47 years old and it was my mother who held my hand when I laid him to rest. It was my cousin who said, “You know you can’t live alone right now. You’re coming to stay with me.”

A Family’s Loss Spurs Renewed Sense of Purpose in Adoption


Little Ava Rain is celebrating her third birthday with a permanent, loving family and to see the look on all their faces, you’d never know that they all had their own set of challenges to get to this place.

When Mandy lost her first daughter, she was left with a hole in her heart. Her young son wanted a sibling, and Mandy and her husband knew that they had room in their heart and home for more children. They started to do their research into adoption and learned more about foster care adoption.


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