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Being Thankful for Family: One Adopted Teen’s Story.


When you have a family, you can take it for granted.

That will never be the case for Maci Kean. Adopted just 51 days before her 18th birthday she told the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that she “never thought she’d feel love.”

Everything changed for her after she was adopted by the Kean Family.

Creating families. It’s what the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption does. Every. Single. Day.

Today is National Adoption Day!


Since 2000, judges across the country have been opening their courtrooms on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to finalize adoptions from foster care in time for the holidays. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a proud founder of National Adoption day, which has led to the adoptions of nearly 70,000 children on this day over the past 19 years.

This year more than 400 cities are holding National Adoption Day celebrations and more than 4,000 children will be adopted.

The Biggest Blessing Was Hearing Them Call Us Mom and Dad for the First Time

Foster care adoption is changing lives

“We knew during our first meeting with them that we needed them as much as they needed us,” said Wendy and Joseph Garren about the day they met their four children, Morgan, Logan, Trevor and Tiffany.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Help Children Waiting to Be Adopted From Foster Care


November is National Adoption Month. Thirty days to shine a light on the critical need for foster and adoptive families to give the 117,000 children waiting in foster care the loving families they deserve.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption believes that no child is ever too old for family. We focus on finding adoptive families for older children who might age out of care without being adopted.

Wendy's Celebrates Adoption-Friendly Workplaces


At Wendy’s®, we believe our brand purpose is to create joy and opportunity through food, family, and community.  One of the many ways we bring this purpose to life is by supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® and their signature program, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids®.  I’m honored to serve as Vice Chair of the DTFA Board of Trustees and am committed to helping the DTFA find permanent, loving families for the more than 110,000 children waiting in foster care.

Celebrating 25 Years of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


Editor's Note: In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, we're sharing a blog post by President & CEO of the Foundation, Rita Soronen.


Editor's Note: In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, we're sharing a blog post by President & CEO of the Foundation, Rita Soronen.

How Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiters Find Homes for Children in Foster Care


When you get familiar with the world of adoption, you form an appreciation for how complex it is. How many hurdles there are. And what kind of impact that has on real children, and real families.

Dave Thomas Featured in QSR Magazine's 20th Anniversary Issue


Here at Wendy’s, we are so grateful to have a role model in our founder, Dave Thomas.  Not only was he one of the most successful and recognizable restaurateurs in America, he was a dynamic philanthropist.  Dave’s success in business is outshined only by his work to raise awareness for foster care adoption and creating the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA).  The DTFA is a national public charity, with a mission to find permanent, loving homes for children in the foster care system.  

How Letting Go of Our “Perfect Kids” Led Us Right to Them


This guest blog post is written by Christopher Matos-Rogers, an adoptive father and REALTOR® with PalmerHouse Properties in Atlanta. As a foster care adoption advocate, he supports child-focused organizations such as Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. He and his husband co-founded an adoptive parent support and resource group to connect adoptive families and help those at all stages of the adoption process. You can find their group on Facebook at ADOPT Georgia.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Celebrates Final Day of National Adoption Night with a Success Story

Former Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter is the forever family one child always wanted

Nicole (pictured left) is a former Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter from Wisconsin who had worked with Arasia (pictured right) since 2013. The two had a strong bond, so strong in fact that Nicole thought she might be the forever family Arasia needed. As Nicole continued to look for Arasia’s forever family, eventually what she knew was true in her heart came to fruition. She was the one who was meant to adopt Araisa. In fact, Araisa’s adoption was finalized on her 19th birthday! We are so happy that Nicole and Arasia found each other!


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