World Food Safety Day

A Commitment to Food Safety That "Checks Out" With Growers…and Consumers

by Dirk Backhaus, Head of Product Supply and member of the Crop Science Executive Leadership Team at Bayer Crop Science

The gradual return to “normal life” following the pandemic has reminded me of some simple joys – going on excursions with my family, meeting up with friends for a nice dinner…and shopping for fresh ingredients.

Food Safety Needs to Be Everyone's Business


-- Written by Anne Gerardi, GFSI Senior Project Manager, The Consumer Goods Forum

An estimated 600 million people currently fall ill after eating contaminated food each year – and the global burden of foodborne diseases affects people of all ages, particularly children aged under 5 and individuals in low-income countries. Yet too often, food safety is only high on the agenda when there is a food crisis – which has to change.

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