World Hunger Day

Pro Bono Perspectives S3E11: Julia Turshen, "Simply Julia"

Feeding a Culture of Equity and Inclusion with Chef Julia Turshen
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Chef, cookbook author, and activist Julia Turshen operates at the intersection of food and social justice. Her highly acclaimed cookbooks share deeply personal and meaningful narratives on LGBTQIA+ representation, racial equity, body positivity, and more.

ON Semiconductor Foundation and Oregon Food Bank Partner to Support Community-Led Solutions to Hunger

Written by: Cassandra Savel, corporate social responsibility associate analyst

Each year on May 28, the global community recognizes World Hunger Day with the aim of advocating for sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty. Over 690 million people, or 8.9% of the population, live in chronic hunger across the world.

KFC South Africa Celebrated Feeding 100,000 Children on World Hunger Day


In support of World Hunger Day on May 28, the KFC South Africa team launched the Add Hope “Bowl of Hope” exhibition. The giant bowl is a representation of the meals provided by Add Hope. Visitors were encouraged to donate their R2 into the bowl to help make a difference for the 100,000 children Add Hope feeds each day. The exhibition featured boards displaying information about the 100 beneficiaries Add Hope supports, detailing where customers’ R2 goes.

Add Hope Celebrates Feeding 100,000 Children

By Webster Molaudi

Approximately 34 percent of children under the age of five die from malnutrition every year.

A recent study by the South African  Department of Health names South Africa as one of the 34 countries contributing to 90 percent of the burden of malnourishment globally.

Ever Wondered Where Your 'Add Hope R2' at KFC Go To?

by Sowetan LIVE

Today is World Hunger Day and another year passes, the plight of the hungry still hangs heavily on the world, and this country – but where there are dark clouds there are silver linings.

Since 1990, South Africa’s undernourishment score has been maintained at less than five percent of the total population bringing down the numbers of those going hungry over the past 20 years, according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation. Although positive, the number of children still going hungry is concerning.

Lilly & Elanco Look Beyond World Hunger Day

By David Marbaugh

Today’s guest blog comes from Noel S. Paul, a consultant with corporate responsibility at Elanco, Lilly’s animal health division.

More than one billion people – one seventh of the world’s population – live in extreme hunger and poverty. As a public health threat, hunger is more deadly than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Lilly Challenges Others to Live Below the Line on World Hunger Day

By David Marbaugh

Could you nourish your mind and body on $1.50 or less per day? For the 1.2 billion people in the world who live in extreme poverty, it’s not a matter of “could” but “how.”

Poverty breeds hunger, and like many other public health threats, hunger is not biased when it comes to age, race, religion or location. People living in Congo,  Israel and Mississippi share the same risk for malnutrition, vitamin deficiency and, potentially, death because of a lack of affordable and accessible nutritious food.

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