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Children International and Planet Water Collaborate on World Water Day Project

Water Project Brings Clean, Safe Water to Thousands in the Dominican Republic
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Kansas City, MO, March 19, 2014 /3BL Media/ -  Children International and Planet Water are collaborating on a project that consists of building five AquaTowers in five days leading up to World Water Day on March 22. The project is taking place in the Dominican Republic at schools and Children International community centers, and will meet the daily water needs of thousands of people.

Children International and Planet Water Join Forces to Provide Clean Water to Impoverished Communities

Three-Year Project Will Give 70,000 People in the Dominican Republic, India and the Philippines Access to Clean Water
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Children International and Planet Water are collaborating on a three-year project that will bring clean, safe water to 70,000 people in impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic, India and the Philippines. These communities have access to water, but have no means of purifying it. Children International and Planet Water will construct AquaTowers at Children International community centers and local schools that will purify the water and make it available for drinking and washing.

True Purpose of Internet Sensation 'The Miracle Machine' Revealed

Faux machine turns spotlight onto Wine to Water, a charity tackling the global water and sanitation crisis

Internet sensation the “Miracle Machine”, the first affordable wine making device for the home, is not a real device – it is just a piece of wood. The fictitious miracle, fronted by wine entrepreneurs Kevin Boyer and Philip James of CustomVine, has generated extensive media coverage around the world since its unveiling nearly two weeks ago.

Tea in the Sahara: GE Innovation Taps $450 Billion Water Market, Treats 5 Billion Gallons Daily


Underground aquifers deep beneath the Sahara desert in Algeria hold huge amounts of fresh water. But as recently as five years ago, many Algerians in the nation’s capital could not count on filling up their teapots. “Some areas would lose water every two or three days,” says Ali Nouioua, GE Power & Water manager and Algiers resident.

World Water Day: NativeEnergy's President Reflects on Current and Future Clean Water Projects


By Jeff Bernicke, President, NativeEnergy

When you woke up today, did you use the tap to fill your coffee pot, start a shower, or brush your teeth? Most of us take clean water for granted, but it means a great deal for our health and safety.

Water Projects in the Pipeline

All About Water: 6 Video Interviews for World Water Day


For World Water Day, we’ve put together a playlist all about water. It includes some of the best interviews we’ve conducted over the years with experts in the business and nonprofit world talking about the water crisis, and how they are working to solve it.

Why We Should All Care About World Water Day


Did you know that only 2.75 percent of the water on Earth is fresh water and the overwhelming majority is frozen in glaciers? While many of us in the U.S. have water available at any time of the day, 783 million people worldwide lack access to safe, clean drinking water. The statistics are staggering. But the challenge is that if we maintain the status quo and the population grows to 9 Billion by 2050, we'll need 3.5 planet Earths to sustain a global population achieving our current North American lifestyle.

Water: Conflict or Cooperation?


World Water Day this year highlights the role of cooperation in managing the many competing needs for the resource, a topic near and dear to Future 500's heart. Demand for water is surging as global population booms and developing economies continue their steady hum.


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