Zappos Implements Clever Workplace Recycling Program


Did you know that at the headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, they have a clever office recycling program? They removed individual trash cans that were once placed at each of their 2,000 desks to improve recycling habits. Recycling bins are spread throughout the building, including in all open-office spaces and break-rooms on each floor. This effort has encouraged employees to properly sort waste at the recycling stations on each floor, which has successfully decreased waste and increased recycling efforts in the workplace. 

Principles and Profits: The Container Store Story - The Minute

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Profits versus virtue: that’s the cover story of the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. Its graphic illustration of two poles of business activity that have been historically thought of as opposing, but are increasingly looked to as complementary, define the point of the issue’s feature about the Container Store. The article reports the company’s DNA as “conscious capitalism,” a business strategy with a bottom line built on a higher purpose. By profit standards, the Container Store is doing very well.

Cisco Listed in SmartRecruiters Top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives


Corporate conscience is about giving back to the communities that keep your business afloat, maybe even ones beyond your reach. Having a social good culture let’s your employees know they are working for something that is bigger than themselves; their business is not one dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people.

Living And Working To 100


The good news is that many of us will live to be over 100 years old. The challenge will be--and already is--preparing ourselves for new jobs as technology advances and markets change. This requires workforce training and education on a massive scale. As individuals, we need to continuously develop relevant skills and expertise, build our networks and relationships, and assess our priorities as we look ahead to longer lives in a dynamic world. In the meantime, there are and will be painful disruptions for individuals, families and countries.

How Companies Develop Great Leaders: Bloomberg BusinessWeek Compares GE and Zappos


Bloomberg BusinessWeek examines how companies create a culture of leadership even during crises, chaos, and an economic downturn, using GE and Zappos as case studies. Both were named among the 20 Best Companies for Leadership in a recent BusinessWeek/Hay Group survey, and the article particularly praises GE's leadership in keeping employees engaged in a changing corporate climate.

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