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11 years 7 months ago

There have been many speculations about the carbon footprint of the royal wedding. Whilst it was considerably more low-key than Prince Charles' wedding, it did rake up quiet a high emissions number. According to The Telegraph, the wedding is set to generate more than 6,765 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. That is 10 times the amount of greenhouse gases the Buckingham Palace produces for in a whole year and 1,230 times the annual emissions of the average UK household.

However with Prince...

11 years 7 months ago

The recent CSR newsreels put the Middle-East and especially Dubai in the spotlight. According to a recent survey, 70% of respondents in UAE believed that CSR helps capture new markets and market share while 90% said credible CSR programmes can enable companies to build a solid reputation. Over 80% thought that CSR can attract new customers and foster innovation. The annual CSR Middle East Survey was conducted by Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG) and is in its second year.

There is a...

11 years 7 months ago

Earth Day was introduced on this same day in 1970. It is estimated that around 20 million Americans attended rallies around the country and helped clean up their local communities back then. The movement is now in its 41st year and has never been more important. Many of the issues that people were talking about back then are still pertinent now.

This movement prompted the passage of groundbreaking laws such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered...

11 years 7 months ago

One of the biggest environmental disasters happened around this time last year. The BP oil spill has left undeniable impressions on how we view oil drilling and non-renewable sources of energy. This has had a knock-on effect on CSR, PR and marketing. The BP spill is possibly the most high-profile CSR/PR disaster of recent times.

It is true that BP has had a questionable safety record, but the spill could have happened...

11 years 7 months ago

Reports of formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout finally reached the tipping point when the US Department of Health and Labor issued a health alert to hair salon owners and employees who have been exposed to formaldehyde, even though the hair straightening product was marketed as formaldehyde-free.

The alert was issued following investigations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Oregon and California as well as Connecticut Department of Public Health. OSHA says their...

11 years 7 months ago

During the past month, the Indian civil aviation industry has been embroiled in shocking revelations about the levels of mismanagement when it comes to hiring pilots. There have been several near misses and pilots from pretty much every major airline have been arrested for falsifying their records.

India's directorate general of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is responsible for pilot examinations and granting licences, has announced it will look into the credentials of 4,000 commercial airline pilots even as...

11 years 8 months ago

Hindustan Unilever, the Indian arm of Unilever and Procter & Gamble both FMCG giants are embarking on new CSR programmes in India.

Project Shakthi

The latest initiative by HUL reflects the low discretionary spending rates of its rural shoppers. With Project Shakti which HUL launched in 2000, it aims to work with female entrepreneurs. The...

11 years 8 months ago

A quick Google for Earth Hour produces nearly 7000 hits in the news section alone, so why am I adding to the deluge? Earth Hour is probably WWF's most successful campaign. Like most successful campaigns it has become a movement in its own right. Many businesses want to associate themselves with Earth Hour. City councils are eager 'to switch off' for an hour. It has garnered scores of celebrity support.

It has even prompted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to say, “Let us join together to celebrate this shared...

11 years 8 months ago

Two of the biggest business and and philanthropic leaders are currently in India to promote CSR. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were in Delhi to urge Indian industrialists to join their philanthropic efforts. Buffett and Gates held breakfast and lunch meetings with the leader of Indian industry today. This included Adi Godrej of Godrej Industries and Max Group chairman Analjit Singh to discuss with them the scope of philanthropy.

“The Giving Pledge”...

11 years 8 months ago

The Monterey Bay guide to sustainable seafood is a great resource to figure out the most sustainable seafood species to eat. However it is still a pocket-guide and like most things, you tend not to have it on you when you most need it. No worries anymore because in addition to an iPhone app that was launched last year, the Seafood Watch guide is now available for Android users.

So imagine you are eating out and are unsure whether menu choices are...