New Episode of educational Serial Drama "Magic Touch" is now on YouTube

Youth are forced to deal with issues of Teen Pregnancy and Abortion
Jul 22, 2009 11:30 AM ET

PCI Media Impact, a non-profit organization specializing in the use of Entertainment Education to promote social change, premiers their Ecuadorian serial drama, "Toque Magico (Magic Touch)", every Wednesday on both YouTube and Facebook.  

Magic Touch was first broadcast in 2008 to promote youth awareness of gender equality and assist in the cultural elimination of inequity and prevention of violence against women.


Chapter IX: If it’s about secrets


Educational topic: Gender inequality in the school


In “The Magic Kingdom,” to win and lose can be a virtue if you’re a witch, but if you’re a sorcerer you run the risk of receiving low marks based on behavior and unjustified punishments. Magdalena receives Micala’s support in regards to her unexpected teen pregnancy. Virgi jumps like a toad to tell others secrets, but safely guards her own. 

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