107 Safeway Stores Join Statewide Food Rescue Program

Private-philanthropic partnership unites all major Oregon grocery retailers against hunger; diverts more than 14 million pounds of food from waste and compost each year
Oct 15, 2015 7:00 AM ET

Oregon Food Bank’s new grocery rescue partnership with Safeway is increasing the amount of healthy food available to people struggling to make ends meet. By early 2016, 107 Safeway stores in Oregon and Clark County, Washington will be part of the Fresh Alliance program, which captures and diverts fresh food to hungry people across the state.
Launched in 2001, Fresh Alliance collects nutritious, perishable food, including milk, meat, produce and other dairy products that would otherwise be thrown away. The products are near their “sell by” date yet still safe for consumption. The food is quickly and efficiently distributed to people in need through the Oregon Food Bank’s network of 21 regional food banks and 950 partner agencies.

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