Belle Heth Builds New Thinkabit Inspired Lab

By Alex Doiron, Radford News Journal
Aug 17, 2017 10:00 AM ET

The school has been implementing new technology such as Chromebooks for each student and new robotics. One of the new additions to the elementary is the Qualcomm inspired Thinkabit Lab. There are only two Thinkabit labs in the entire country and the school is working over the summer to have their inspired lab ready for the school year.

Qualcomm is an international technology business and their Thinkabit Labs provide students with a hands-on engineering experience, while helping them discover their unique talents and explore different types of engineering career paths, such as software, hardware and systems engineering, as well as non-engineering careers, such as marketing, human resources and intellectual property law, that support technology companies.

“Really the lab has two parts,” said Grant. “It is introducing kids to STEM careers and exploring their talents and their interests in STEM to see if they align with STEM careers. The other part is really just the hands-on engineering lab.”

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