Carnival Corporation Sets a New Sustainability Standard in the Cruise Industry

Though the cruise industry at large has been criticised for its environmental impact, Carnival Corporation is at the forefront of a range of sustainability initiatives
Nov 9, 2016 10:30 AM ET

In the recent past, the cruise industry has received criticism regarding its environmental impact. Criticisms range from how it manages passenger waste to the amount of fumes produced by the massive engines needed to drive ships. However, though it does have its shortcomings, the industry has made tremendous strides in improving both its environmental and social sustainability impacts in recent years.

“Sustainability is a topic that is not new for the cruise industry, but it is one that has gotten more attention through the efforts of industry players to provide more transparency into their sustainability efforts”, said John Haeflinger, Vice President of Maritime Policy and Analysis for Carnival Corporation. Carnival is the world’s largest leisure travel company, operating several cruise brands including P&O Cruises, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Lines. Across all its brands, Carnival has been at the forefront of improving sustainability through innovative programmes.

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To read more about Carnival Corporation's sustainability initiatives, visit the Carinval Corporation sustainability page. 

Claire West
Ellie Beuerman