From Data to Discovery, Faster: Next Generation Sequencing

Aug 23, 2018 2:30 PM ET

The Technical University of Denmark conducts research in bioinformatics and systems biology—fields that employ powerful computers to explore biological data.

After the university installed the fastest high-performance supercomputer in Denmark, the runtime for data-intensive medical research was reduced by nearly one-third. This substantial gain is made possible by HPE Next Generation Sequencing Solution, which helps reduce the processing time for data-heavy genome analytics, ultimately speeding up the pace of medical discovery.

“We found we could do the analysis in 60% less time. That’s the time it takes to transfer the data from one university to another. The cloud automated everything, and the data is now always available and analyzed in one place.” Peter Løngreen, Acting Deputy Director, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark

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