How Power Conservation in IoT Devices Is Critical to Network Predictability

By Janet Ooi, IoT Industry Solutions Manager, Keysight Technologies
May 6, 2021 11:00 AM ET

As IoT deployment ramps up with 5G connectivity, devices will need to be even more energy-smart despite 24/7 operation.

When designing portable IoT devices, battery life is a key concern.

Device designers need to identify the critical events that contribute to power consumption and how frequently those events happen. They also need to make design changes or trade-offs to optimize battery life.

While there are many ways to conserve energy—for example, balancing active functions and deep sleep mode—there is a baseline of power consumed by a certain part of the circuitry that needs to be on at all times. One example would be a pacemaker. A certain part of the circuitry will need to be always on for continuous monitoring, therefore limiting the battery life.

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