Qualcomm's Corporate Responsibitily Priorities

Jun 22, 2020 10:00 AM ET

Qualcomm for Good is our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. It’s about integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business and using our breakthrough technology to make the world a better place.

The success of our business is fundamentally connected to the well-being of our people, the planet and the world. As we push what’s possible and relentlessly ask, "What if?" we work to ensure that our innovations are helping shape a better future while also positioning our Company for sustained success.

The world is becoming increasingly connected. We have a tremendous opportunity to build on our legacy of sustainable innovation and use our breakthrough technology to tackle global challenges, inspire tomorrow’s workforce and make a positive difference for decades to come. 

In FY19, we worked with consultants from Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global nonprofit business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability, to conduct our third materiality assessment. We conducted our first in 2013 and our second in 2015.

Our materiality assessment included both internal and external research and interviews and helped us prioritize the corporate responsibility issues that are most important to our business and to our key stakeholders. By identifying our top corporate responsibility priorities, we can focus our resources, programs and reporting on these core topics.

Our corporate responsibility priorities include four areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact — Purposeful Innovation, STEM Education, Responsible Business and Our People.

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