Schneider Electric WHITEPAPER | Nothing Will Change for the 1.06 Billion People Living Without Access to Energy if Adequate Local Skills Are Not Developed

Mar 16, 2018 9:20 AM ET

What’s TVET? In short, the Technical and Vocational Education Training provides skills to vulnerable population enabling them to take career opportunities and providing essential services to their communities. It has a bridging role to play in the rising of energy demand and unemployment.

However, this type of training faces several challenges that prevent it from reaching its full potential: a lack of quality during trainings, a lack of resources, a lack of equal access to training and an inadequacy within local markets. Thus, actions must be taken to help its development.

Due to Schneider Electric’s long-term experience with TVET, this whitepaper explores the current challenges of training development, based on a case study of Schneider Electric.

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