The Case for ESG and Responsible, Sustainable Investing: New Fifth Third Bank White Paper Resource for Institutional and Retail Investors

May 6, 2022 8:25 AM ET

Fifth Third Bank is releasing an in-depth and informative white paper called The Case for ESG and Responsible, Sustainable Investing.

Published this week, the white paper demonstrates the Bank’s thought leadership for institutional and retail investors, providing insights and best practices on ESG investing. The white paper is available on the Bank’s website.

ESG approaches differ from investor to investor, but they all begin with the idea that investors can improve their portfolio—and the world—by focusing on certain standards. According to the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, ESG-mandated assets could make up half of all managed assets in the United States by 2025.1

“The incredible explosion of interest in ESG that we’ve seen, particularly in the past couple of years, is just amazing,” says Ted Finlay, director of external manager research for Fifth Third’s Wealth & Asset Management division. “ESG investing is here to stay and the numbers back that up, whether it’s interest from clients or measuring flows that are going into ESG strategies.”

The new white paper is both a timely and evergreen resource that provides practical information and guidance to assist investors with this complex topic. Key elements of the white paper include ESG:

  • History and growth.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Considerations for vetting companies.
  • Approaches and strategies.

1Deloitte, “Responsible investment management, The Dbriefs Investment Management series,” May 13, 2020.