CGI: Four Companies Paving the Way for Greener Transportation

Sep 23, 2010 8:40 AM ET

Today, the future started to roll in. It parked on 7th Avenue. 

We’ve been hearing about electric cars, alternative fuels, and the resurgence of biking for years. For the most part, though, that’s all we’ve been doing: hearing, not driving or plugging in or pedaling. In cynical moments, waiting for the transportation of the future can feel like waiting for the flying cars we were promised for so many years.

Just outside the main hall today at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Sixth Annual Meeting, several exhibitors set up on the street in midtown Manhattan to show off their exciting work on transforming transportation to make it cleaner and more efficient, and profitable.

What made the exhibits so exciting is that these were not pie-in-the-sky fantasies. The focus was on approaches designed to facilitate the transition to new transportation norms. Exhibitors displayed technology that will make it easier for consumers, corporations, and governments to partner in getting the rubber on the road, ASAP.

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