Cummins Has Reached a Milestone in the Adoption of Zero-Emissions Technologies

Oct 22, 2021 1:40 PM ET

Cummins continues to set the pace in delivering battery-electric buses to communities across the country with its partner GILLIG. The companies began collaborating in 2019 to set the standard for reliability, durability, cost effectiveness, and performance.

This month Cummins Inc. and GILLIG announced the production of the 100th GILLIG battery-electric bus. The milestone bus will be delivered to Metro Transit in St. Louis, Missouri later in October. 

“This is a great milestone for Cummins, GILLIG and Metro Transit, but we are just getting started,” said Amy Davis, Vice President and President, New Power segment at Cummins. “The adoption of zero-emissions technologies is critical to meeting sustainability targets and neutralizing climate change. Cummins is here to partner with customers to decarbonize and is committed to providing battery-electric solutions with the innovation, support and service that customers expect from Cummins.”

Cummins and GILLIG have extensive experience in vehicle electrification. GILLIG established best practices and validated many of the technologies used in today’s electric buses through the generations of diesel-electric hybrid and overhead trolley electric buses built to date and its first-generation fuel cell buses, which were deployed in 2001. Cummins demonstrated its first all-electric truck in 2017 after more than a decade of research and technology development, and has since delivered hundreds of electrified powertrains across a variety of applications. 

More than 50 transit agencies have already purchased or have orders for the electric bus, and currently there are new bus orders booked into 2023.