“Gateway Select” Pilot Program Will Diversify the Skies

Jun 8, 2017 8:05 AM ET

“Many dream of becoming a pilot but are deterred by financial realities… We have an opportunity to create the best pilot training program in the U.S. while also removing some of the economic and social barriers so that those with the natural aptitude can pursue their dream.”

—Warren Christie, Senior Vice President of Safety, Security, and Training, JetBlue

Gateway Select gives participants the opportunity to become JetBlue pilots after completing a rigorous four-year training program that incorporates classroom learning, extensive real-world flying experience, and instruction in full-flight simulators. The highly selective program is designed for candidates without previous aviation training who demonstrate the most desired qualities in a pilot.

JetBlue conducted an unprecedented search to find candidates with the aptitude and passion to become pilots, resulting in a pool of applicants that is one of the most heavily screened in U.S. history.

Applicants underwent a series of assessments to identify those who demonstrated the qualities needed to become high-performing pilots. The evaluation is based on recommended International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) pilot competencies and JetBlue’s own selection criteria, including commitment to JetBlue’s unique customer-focused culture.

The 24 participants selected represented diverse backgrounds. With Gateway Select, JetBlue hopes to train and hire high-quality pilots while also making the profession more accessible to a broader range of candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. JetBlue expects that the program will open up the profession by helping make the dream of becoming a pilot a reality to people who would not otherwise have had the opportunity.

To learn more about JetBlue’s long-term responsibility platform and to view the full report, visit responsibilityreport.jetblue.com/2016