How To Create An Exceptional Corporate Volunteer Program: PORTLAND, OREGON

Three reasons why your business, your employees and the community all need more than an annual volunteering event...
Sep 20, 2010 8:54 AM ET
In the rapidly growing field of Corporate Social Responsibility, the singular focus of Realized Worth is corporate volunteering. Without exception, we believe the employee engagement is essential to every successful CSR program.
From design and implementation, to the basic first steps in the right direction, Realized Worth boasts an unrivaled expertise in how to create excellent Employee Volunteer Programs. Our approach is sustainable and clearly demonstrates its own value – value for the business, the non-profit partner, and the community.
An exceptional employee volunteer program (meaning, one that works) requires more than a splashy, media-friendly ‘IMPACT’ event. One-day, annual events aren't exactly bad, they're just....useless. Ok, well if not totally useless, they certaintly don't yield any more than a fun day out of the office that happens to be socially conscious. If your company is looking for real impacts like the retention of talent, recruitment of new talent, or employee satisfaction then you’ll have to do better than a day-long field trip. This is true regardless of the project. For example, one day builds with Habitat for Humanity are great, but even they won't earn you useful business impacts.

There are at least 3 main reasons why episodic employee volunteering cannot offer meaningful impacts to your community or your business:

1. People have been Googleized - We want what we want, when we want it. (Once a year 'IMPACT' days are oriented towards the company's schedule - not mine.)

2. People now build personal brands - We are on a constant search for events and opportunities by which to define ourselves. The companies once-a-year idea of a great cause may have nothing to do with me personally.

3. People want experiences - We don’t want to just ‘serve’ other people; we want to experience the difference we’re part of. Taking me out of the office to 'fix a problem' or 'make a difference' in 3 hours on a Tuesday afternoon is an transactional event, not a transformative experience.

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