In Honour of Earth Day: Branding for Good Launched its Very First GOODIE Awards for Sustainable Businesses

Celebrate the GOOD in your neighbourhood
Apr 20, 2012 6:45 PM ET

Branding for Good is proud to host the very first GOODIE Awards in honour of Earth Day 2012.  

Since 1970, Earth Day has been held on April 22nd and this year it is estimated that more than one billion people in over 192 countries will participate in on its 42nd anniversary and pledge to stand united for a sustainable future.

Designed and maintained by Branding For Good, the GOODIE Awards is an online platform that helps promote positive CSR within corporate communities.  The nine nominated businesses have been chosen for their initiatives to make a positive impact on the community they work in and the planet we all live on.  

Our online campaign will run until the end of May to allow individuals to vote for their favourite company initiative. On April 22nd, we will also be hosting an installation exhibit in town to raise awareness for all the good these companies are doing and asking the public to vote for the story they like the most.  Each nominee has been given a snapshot story and original graphic designed to spark conversation and promote good sustainable businesses. 

Looking forward to sharing more good with you throughout the competition!