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Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom
Apr 18, 2019 11:15 AM ET

In a world where there are more men named ‘John’ than women of any name leading the 500 largest publicly traded corporations in the world, is there any wonder there would be enthusiasm around Skytop Strategies‘ ‘Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom’ conference?

Nearly 100 leaders from the private, social, and public sectors gathered at the Edelman offices in Chicago, IL on March 20 to discuss the issue, its importance to business, the puzzling lack of demand, and the extensive surplus of supply. More than 80 percent of attendees were women. The theme of inadequate representation persists.

But first, the facts, which were laid out beautifully by Heidi Ridley, CEO of Rosenberg Equities, AXA Investment Managers. Diversity in the boardroom matters. It matters for the reason that all board members would tell you is the point of their existence—the fiduciary responsibility they have to their shareholders. In other words, the return they are responsible for overseeing. Companies with more diverse boards made more money.

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