Running Out of Gas

Sep 21, 2016 9:00 AM ET

In this respect, electric vehicles carry less risk. If gasoline supply or infrastructure fails, electric vehicle owners don’t lose their mobility. In a moment like this in Georgia, I’m grateful for that benefit.

I got an interesting text from my brother Patrick a couple of days ago. Out of the blue, he texted, “Must be nice to be an electric car owner….”

I thought, “Why yes, yes it is! But why on earth is he texting me that?”

Well, it turns out Patrick is way better than me at keeping up with local news and events. He was the first one to let me know about the Alabama pipeline spill that was discovered on September 9. Tip of the cap, brother.

Here’s a quick write-up of the story. Not surprisingly, I’m concerned about massive amount of gasoline that spilled from the pipeline. It turns out that ecosystems don’t like gasoline very much.

But in light of this story, I instead want to write about what it is like to have a car that doesn’t use gasoline at all.

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