Carbon Emissions

Cut ‘Em or Not?

What would Captain Kirk do? Say what you will, his ability to compartmentalize everything in a crisis and just keep moving forward was the implicit core of a vast majority of Star Trek episodes.

For us facing a climate crisis, on the other hand, maybe compartmentalization is not such a good idea.

Dispelling the Myths About Renewable Energy Intermittency

Here's how renewable can keep the lights on, even when the wind stops blowing and the sun doesn't shine.

One Oregon Neighborhood's Quest for Climate Change Solutions

In Corvallis, Oregon, community solutions to climate change and fossil fuel dependence are already underway.

China Closes Dirtiest Power Plants, US Keeps Them Open

With China cracking down on pollution, many existing US coal plants would be considered too dirty to run in China.

Chile Struggles With Carbon Emissions from Coal

This week public opposition and widespread distaste for coal led to at least one plant being shelved in Chile.

Report Shows Risks from Coal Ash Carbon Emissions

A report released today by three environmental groups identifies 39 previously undocumented coal ash pollution sites.

Around the World, Plastic Bag Bans Cut Waste and Carbon Emissions

From Mexico City to China, governments are working to eliminate plastic shopping bags. Who will be next to ban the bag?

Why Geoengineering Won’t Fix Climate Change

Can giant mirrors or injecting sulphate into the atmosphere save us from climate change? Almost certainly not.

TVA to Close Coal Plants, Cut Carbon Emissions

A plan to retire 1000 megawatts of coal power in the next five years is an encouraging sign of things to come.

General Mills Addresses Palm Oil’s Climate Change Impact

The company has announced it will adopt a policy to reduce its reliance on rainforest-destroying food ingredients.


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