Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions Capture & Storage Is a Fool’s Bet

When energy and emissions legislation reaches the Senate floor – and I’m not holding my breath here – it may or may not have a cap on carbon emissions, i.e. it may or may not include the single most effective mechanism identified by economists to reduce our carbon emissions.

Biofuels: Are We Being Set Up?

There’s a lot of excitement about biofuels. And rightfully so. As I’ve written before, biofuels will be an integral part of our energy infrastructure as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels. But we also need to keep in mind that biofuels will not be a panacea, allowing us to just keep living as we are. Biofuels will fill niche applications that they are well-suited to serve.

The Largest Wind Turbine in the World Prepares to Harness the Wind for Renewable Energy

Wind as a renewable energy source is a big deal in Europe.  Overall, the European Union as a whole is the largest producer of wind energy technology in the world, with Spain, Germany, and Great Britain leading the way. So, it is not very surprising to see some of the latest innovations in wind power technology coming from Europe.

Senate Climate Change Bill Analyzed by EPA; Implementation Cheaper Than You Think

EPA finds it's cheaper to mitigate climate change than buy a can of Coke. Why aren't we being more proactive?

New Mining Criteria Will Reduce Causes of Climate Change

Coal is the number one contributor to climate change. A new mining rule means more coal will stay safely in the ground.

China Juggles an Increase in Carbon Emissions and Renewable Energy Plans

A new study shows that China's carbon emissions have gone up in the last year while the country continues to develop.

Geothermal Energy is Becoming One of the Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Sources

Geothermal power is a growing renewable energy business worldwide with the U.S. continuing to lead the way.

Ethanol is Determined to Make its Place in the World of Biofuels

Today the 2010 Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo started with a welcome speech by Tom Bryan, the Vice President of BBI International, a North Dakota based company dedicated to the production of ethanol and biofuels. The conference, now in its 26th year, provides a platform for the discussion of the development of the ethanol fuel industry and a showcase to display new technologies and systems utilizing ethanol as a biofuel.

North Carolina Renewable Energy Projects to Bring the Southeast Up to Speed

New projects in North and South Carolina aim to bring the southeastern regions up to speed with renewable energy.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Natural Variability

Part of an ongoing series on the language of climate change.


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