Career Planning

Career Planning: Is a $100K Education Worth It in the Long Run?

What is the right way to examine America's student loan epidemic? How does career planning play a part?

Is Wal-Mart's Educational Partnership a Responsible Career Example to Follow?

Recently, retail giant Wal-Mart established a partnership with American Public University to provide low-cost online courses to employees. Under this program, eligible Wal-Mart employees can take courses online to work towards a degree. Even though Wal-Mart plans to keep its distance from American Public University's curriculum, employees can earn academic credit for the work that they already do.

Health Care Reform Brings Flexibility to Entry-Level Career Planning

Health insurance reform means more strategic career planning for entry-level job hunters. Changes start as soon as now.

If You're Unemployed & Career Planning, Don't Expect That COBRA Subsidy

The 65 percent federal COBRA subsidy is on hold, and it's hitting the unemployed hard.

Career Advice: Know Your Health Plan When Evaluating Your Benefits Package

Is your health insurance policy actually a low-value medical discount plan? Know your benefits package.

Poets and Quants: A New MBA Ranking and Career Planning Tool

Will Poets and Quants provide individualized and fair career planning advice to aspiring MBAs?

Career Planning for Recent Grads: Can't Find a Job? Become an Entrepreneur Instead

For recent grads, a down economy can be the opposite of a dead end. Fight pessimism to find your window of opportunity.

Unpaid Internships: Are Employers Taking Advantage of the Job Market's Limited Career Choices?

For new college grads, are unpaid internships beneficial or unethical? Are businesses entitled to free labor?


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