CSR and the UK Green Investment Bank: An Opportunity Lost?

In the run up to the UK budget next week, a row has broken out over Government’s plans for a Green Investment Bank.

Beyond Business CSR: Help Pouring in for Japan From Companies

Many companies are reaching out financially to aid relief efforts in Japan

How Carbon is the Name of the Game in UK CSR

A new finance package will provide help to businesses which want to focus their CSR on energy efficiency and low carbon solutions.

The scheme has been launched by not-for –profit green business experts The Carbon Trust, in partnership with Siemens, and will be open to any UK business from 4 April this year.

India CSR: 2% Spend No Longer Mandatory, Govt Rules

The Indian Government has decided to make CSR voluntary but what does Indian CSR really need?

CSR and Religion in the Workplace

Policies dealing with diversity in the workplace are commonplace in UK CSR practice, but those relating to religious beliefs are not. Only one in three large organisations has explicit policies about religious beliefs at work.

How Complex Green Scheme will Impact Firms’ CSR Efforts

UK businesses are angry that money they pay under a scheme to reduce energy use and pollution will now go to the Government.

Originally, funds raised through the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), would have gone to firms who managed to cut the energy bills the most. Many non-energy intensive companies had already made energy reduction a CSR priority.

CSR, Disaster Relief and the Aftermath of the Japan Tsunami

Companies are doing a lot towards disaster relief as part of their CSR

Building CSR’s New Generation

CSR can only grow and develop if the next generation can build on the success of this one and learn from their mistakes.

On the Course to Mandatory CSR in India

Final draft of Companies Bill in process to make CSR mandatory in India

Flying High: Sri Lanka Catering Wins for CSR Efforts

Sri Lanka Catering wins top prize for its CSR efforts.


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