Global Warming

Iceland's Volcano Put Carbon Emissions Spotlight on Air Travel

Now that flights are back to normal in Europe it's time to focus on how to reduce air travel carbon emissions.

Climate Change and Earth Day

Earth Day is basically Climate Change Day, let's get real with real strategies. Cheers All!

Celebrate Earth Day, Mitigate Climate Change?

Earth Day can have lasting benefits to solving climate change.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Green Economy: UN Conference

Life Cycle Cost Analysis gains global attention at recent UN conference in Geneva, hoping for green economy

Climate Change Science Tools: Tree Rings

Learn about the tools of climate chance science: tree rings

Climate Change Vocabulary: Adaptation Versus Mitigation

The first in a series of posts about the vocabulary of climate change.

Program on Climate Change University of Washington

Climate change college and university programs - Program on Climate Change University of Washington

Greenland Policy: New Hydrogen Plant for Renewable Energy

Greenland's First Hydrogen Plant inaugurated; World changing technology for renewable energy

UNFCCC publishes reports that summarize Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen - COP15

UNFCCC publishes the aftermath of the COP15 conference, Copenhagen Accord, and nations' commitments on climate change

State of the Planet 2010: Public Outrage and What's Up with Climate Change Legislation

Climate change as an issue is very important, yet progress in legislation is stuck. Here's why.


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