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More Green Travel Suggestions For Visiting Copenhagen

Green travel is never difficult when visiting Copenhagen, and some companies are making it even easier.

Sustainable Travel Feature: Frontiers North Adventures, Canada

How about this for a sustainable travel adventure: sleep in a floating eco-lodge, powered by wind and solar energy, and during the day see grizzly bears, black bears, otters, mink, deer, bald eagles and other British Columbian wildlife? Or snorkel and kayak with the beluga whales in the summer. Go on a dogsledding trip.

Copenhagen Sets the Bar High for Sustainable Travel

As the world’s leader in conservation, Copenhagen extends its values through sustainable travel alternatives.

Green Brewery Tours Provide the Perfect Eco Travel Buzz

Grabbing a cold one on a green brewery tour is the most informative and refreshing form of eco travel around.

Top Five Eco-Friendly Whale Watching Travel Companies

Whale Watching travel companies tend to be eco-conscious, and these five, in particular, engage in commendable sustainable practices to help the marine environment and their local communities.

Whale Watch Kakouira

Riding Your Way to Responsible Travel with Bike Tours

Bike tours are a great form of responsible travel, helping communities and the environment all while having fun.

Sustainable Farm Tours for Informative Sustainable Travel

Sustainable farm associations across the country offer informative farm tours for a sustainable travel experience.


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