Green Vehicles

London Makes Plans to Turn Black Cabs Green

Converting forms of public transportation over to green technology is a great way of reducing the carbon emissions in a particular metropolitan area. To this effect, many cities around the world have invested in buses that utilize either hybrid systems or fully renewable fuel sources.

Brazilian Researchers Discover Method to Make Green Cars Fruity

In the quest to build the greener car, a lot of the focus goes into the type of fuel that will be used to keep the automobile moving and just how efficient the car is at using that fuel source. However, it is worth noting that there are many different ways to work towards creating a green vehicle that is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Compressed Air and Electricity: The Hybrid of the Future

When the concept of green vehicles comes to mind many of the first fuel types most think of is electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels. There are, however, those out there that believe that alongside those fuel types air itself is a worthy addition to the green vehicle fuel line up.

Ford Decides to Pull Back the Reins on Electric Vehicle Investment

For some time now, announcements have been coming out from the Ford Motor Company about their decision to hybridize various existing models while also presenting full electric and hydrogen vehicles as a part of a green lineup. However, last Thursday the attitude from Ford seemed to change a little bit when they announced that they didn’t believe that electric vehicles were worth a full investment.

China and Spain Show Efficiency Needn't be Flashy

On Friday both China and Spain adopted policies to improve fuel efficiency and curb pollution.

China Crowns Itself Queen of Electric Cars

By 2015 the country plans to be producing a million electric vehicles each and every year.

BMW Shakes Hands With Peugeot Citroen to Make Green Vehicle Components

As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly common to see automobile manufacturers banding together to form research and development partnerships. With current partnerships existing between Renault and Nissan and the more recent Toyota and Tesla match, it seemed to be only a matter of time before another group of automobile manufacturers came together.

Volkswagen Says That the Future is Here and it Gets 235 MPG

Tomorrow, the automobile industry will have yet another chance to roll out their latest and greatest concepts when the annual Qatar Motor Show kicks off in the nation’s capital of Doha.

Mitsubishi Outlines Plans to Unleash Eight Green Vehicles by 2015

Despite having a long history in the automobile business, Mitsubishi Motors contributions to the green vehicle industry in recent years have so far not shown as much dedication as some other Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Toyota Plays Their Latest Hand at the 2011 Auto Show

Since Toyota is one of the biggest Japanese automobile manufacturer’s pushing for the development of electric vehicles and hybrids cars, it is no surprise that they have felt at home on the showroom floors of the various auto shows in recent months.


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