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Applying “Change Lab” Methods to Canadian Challenges

If you had to pick just four areas of social/environmental challenge in your country for which to build prototype innovation solutions, what would you choose? It sounds exciting, but when forced to narrow your choices to a small number of priority topics of workable scope and definition, the process could take some time.

You Thought Oats Came from the Ground?

Scientists at the South Dakota State University have customized an oat.

Danger from Dietary Supplements: The Strange Tale of Hydroxycut

Dangerous supplements, often deceptively backed by conflicted science, pose a persistent threat to health.

Soft Drinks Linked to Hypertension

More sugar leads to high blood pressure.

Partnership to Protect Brazil's Small-Holders

Partnership to maximize the sustainability of Brazilian small-holder coffee cooperatives.

ABCs of Asthma Control: Eat Well Breath Well

New research shows that family mealtimes reduce asthma symptoms

Endangered Aphrodisiac

85% of Earth's oyster reefs have been lost, most likely due to overharvesting, habitat degradation, and disease.

Pork Chops from a Petri Dish

A scientist from the University of South Carolina has developed a way to create meat from cultured animal cells.

Social Media Ecosystems Driving Health Choices, Change, Business: Wellness Layers

Wellness Layers, an innovative company, is showing how good social media design can improve business and health

DHA in infant formula: experimenting with children’s health?

Martek Biosciences, a major producer of DHA for infant formula, sells for $1.1 billion. Is that a healthy investment?


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