International Development

Financing Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for Sustainable Development

The questoin over financing to assist development countries to tackle climate change must be resolved before Cancun.

Literacy for Sustainable Development

International Literacy Day raises awareness of the fundamental need for education for sustainable development.

Africa, Biofuels, and Sustainable Development... An Oxymoron?

A new Friends of the Earth report details biofuels questionable effects on the African continent.

Sustainable Development and Organic Agriculture

The India state of Kerala is trying to move completely to organic agriculture. Is this wise?

Smart Cards Offer Medical Insurance in Kenya

Sustainable development in Africa helped by medical smart card for mothers to be.

The Green Age of Hollywood

Sustainable development has gone forth into the glitzy world of Hollywood.

The Spirit Level: Equality is Key to Sustainable Development

The book The Spirit Level has important implications for sustainable development.

China Closes 2000 Inefficient Factories in Energy Drive

China’s announcement the closure of 2000 inefficient factories shows some progress towards sustainable development

Flooding in Pakistan Halts Progress Towards Meeting MDGs

Sustainable development and progress toward achieving the MDGs in Pakistan is severely affected by the flooding.

XPrize Offers New Oil Spill Contest Details

The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge will award $1 million to a team that comes up with the best new tech


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