Need Funds? Dial M for Money

Apps are abrewing all over as mobile payment grows in the developed and developing world

Banking Competition in China Heats Up

Foreign bankers are facing new obstacles from up and coming domestic rivals.

Taking Market Research to the Source

How companies are demystifying consumer preferences in emerging markets

Tweet tweet! Twitter Ads on the Loose!

Twitter is cashing in with its new advertising campaign.

China's Car Sales Soar

Demand for cars in China is gives domestic and foreign manufacturers a boost.

South Africa's World Cup Woes

World Cup will bring limited economic benefits for its host country.

Resource Rich Ghana Extracts Profits from Foreign Mining Firms

Ghana has resolved to get its fair share from mining its rich resources.

Asian Market Fluctuations Ease Trading Tensions

Market fluctuations in Asia indicate growth for East-West Trade Relations

Do Sporting Cities Spur Economic Growth?

Do pro sports franchises support urban development or suck up public funding?

What's Up At IFC

Recent Projects Demonstrate IFC's Range


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