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A big hairy audacious goal

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10 Places to Park Your Cash, Earn Interest and Do Good

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From Crisis To Opportunity

<p>The present crisis in the world financial markets has shown that we have built our economies on a foundation of monetary sand and that when it is met by a hurricane then those foundations shake.

Roll up, roll up

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<p>What a great time to enrol people in the business of doing something about social and environmental issues.</p>

Do You Really Know What Your Business Does?

<p>Of course you know what your business or organization does. Right? It goes without saying. After all, it&rsquo;s what you do every day. But I caution that if you&rsquo;ve worked for your current organization for more than a couple of years, you may now suffer from what Chip and Dan Health called &lsquo;the Curse of Knowledge&rsquo; in their book <em>Made to Stick</em>.&nbsp;</p>

The Art of Green Networking

It is no secret that effective networking is one of the single most important aspects of successful job-hunting. I have spent the past five months building my network to both learn about the green realm and hunt down the perfect green job. I've always cringed at the word "networking," as the term connotes forced conversations and social climbing.

Means to an end

<p>Tonight, here in the small town of Lewes, in the UK, we will see the launch of a complementary currency called the Lewes Pound.<br id="sq1e1" /> <br id="sq1e2" /> This isn't the first complementary currency, nor will it be the last. But it's interesting in several ways.

Crowd-sourcing Crisis Information: one story of an emerging African IT renaissance

<p>A few years before publishing &ldquo;A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis&rdquo; (number three on the list of <a href="allthings/128/Top-Five-Critiques-of-Development-and-Humanitarianism.html">&ldquo;Top Critiques of Development and Humanitarianism&rdquo;</a>), David Rieff wrote an article titled <a href="

Does ownership matter in social business?

<p>I find myself becoming increasingly impatient for change.&nbsp; I'm 35 now and have been actively involved in this social business game for 10 years or so.

The start-up incubator sideshow

<p>When I was a tyke, I used to love staying up all night to watch the <a href="">Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon</a>. Not only did the charitable cause legitimize behavior that was otherwise verboten for young me, but the show transformed TV itself into a participatory medium.


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