The Body Shop Puts Its Advertising to Work for Healthier Cities

Jun 5, 2017 10:20 AM ET

Air pollution remains an unseen global killer – with nearly 6.5 million deaths a year attributed to pollution we breathe every day – that's four times the amount of people killed on the world's roads, according to The Guardian. In fact, in the U.K. alone, high levels of NO2 cause more than 60 premature deaths a day. Now, one company is harnessing its passive advertising to help reduce that number – not only transforming a static image into a NO2 trapping powerhouse, but also raising awareness of an important new technology.

This week, The Body Shop announced a new program to clean up the air in London's busiest areas. The beauty brand is partnering with outdoor advertising giant JCDecaux and research and design firm Airlabs to create bus stop advertising that actually filters harmful elements out of the air. The ads will produce 95 percent cleaner air – making a safer, healthier environment for bus passengers. And although the initiative is starting with only three bus stops in the City of London, the effort is more than a marketing stunt.

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