Transgender Inclusion: Embracing Difference in the Workplace

Aug 24, 2022 11:00 AM ET

A recent talent report from LinkedIn suggests that potential new hires rank a company’s culture more important than compensation and benefits when considering a new job, and “for employers to attract and retain talent, they will need to put their employees first and ensure they feel cared for and supported.”

Marcin Czyszczon, remote support team leader at Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is one of the people who prioritizes work culture and finding a workplace that aligns with his values. At Rockwell Automation, Czyszczon, a transgender man, found a supportive environment and a company culture focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). He first joined Rockwell five years ago as a support engineer for software in Poland.

“This is something of great importance to my generation of workers, and companies are responding with changes that create the kind of workplace that embraces difference and provides the tools and culture to support one another,” Czyszczon said.

One of the reasons Czyszczon strived for a team leader position was to be the visible mentor and role model people need if they were feeling alone or worried about revealing something important about themselves.

“During my transition, my manager, team and company culture made me feel safe,” Czyszczon said. “I want that for everyone. It is my goal to make current employees and people considering joining our company feel that they can be anyone they want to be. Individuality is respected and honored.”

“Often, it’s many small actions that make the difference between an employee who's experiencing psychological safety and belonging and one who's not,” said Candace Barnes, director, Global DEI Programs, Rockwell Automation. “Providing and supporting Marcin with exactly what he needed most to succeed demonstrates the behaviors we foster as an organization.”

Meet Marcin and learn how Rockwell’s ’s approach to DEI gives future talent a view into what to expect from the culture.