Virgin Pulse Global Challenge Results: NRG Limestone Elite 7

Nov 12, 2019 12:00 PM ET

We are proud to announce this year’s Virgin Pulse’s Global Challenge winners, known to NRG employees as the GET MOVING Challenge. The winner is the NRG Limestone Elite 7 team from our Limestone Generating Station in Texas.

Each year, for 100 days, hundreds of thousands of employees around the world from different companies compete in teams of seven as the GET MOVING Challenge takes them on a journey that will improve both their physical and psychological health. The challenge is comprised of five modules that highlight key areas for leading a healthy and active lifestyle – all delivered with a high dose of fun and a feel-good factor.

We sat down with the winning team from NRG to discuss how they leveraged their time throughout the day and while moving through different parts of the plant at work. It was interesting to learn how they motivated each other to compete and make time for an ambitious regimen of activities. Examples include CrossFit training, working out, bicycling, swimming, and other activities to achieve more than 32 million step equivalents during the 100-day challenge. We also discovered that many team members are continuing to stay active, even after the challenge ended. The Limestone Elite 7 team members included Kennith A., Kevin P., Kevin R., Steven S., Jason S., and Clayton T.

How did you motivate each other to get in your steps?

Team members challenged each other by using the GET MOVING Challenge tools. From competing for the most individual points to setting up mini-challenges each week, the team worked together to keep each other engaged. 

You walked a lot! How did you make time for it? 

The Limestone Elite 7 team is made up of shift workers and straight day-scheduled employees. But, no matter their schedules, team members planned to get in their exercise. This included taking advantage of days off to make up for missed steps and making arrangements on summer vacations to ensure adequate accommodations were available for working out. Editor's note: Various activities, such as resistance training or bicycling, converted into steps for the challenge.    

As part of your victory, NRG is donating to a charity of the team’s choice. Which charity did you choose, and why? 

Limestone Elite 7 is donating to the Limestone Employee Fund. Each pay period, Limestone employees donate directly to this fund to benefit outreach projects in the community. From nonprofit organizations to individuals in need, the surrounding community has been supported through charitable donations by Limestone employees for 30+ years. 

We asked each team member how the challenge impacted their health and well-being. Here's what they said:  

“The challenge guided me to start a routine that I was able to carry on even after the challenge ended. Once I started trying to incorporate exercise into my everyday routine, I found that missing a workout left an empty feeling during my end of day reflection. This challenge has changed the way I view a successful day.” – Kennith A.

“I found myself keeping up with my step count more and paying extra attention to ways I could get more steps. For example, walk instead of drive or take the stairs instead of the elevator. I also tried to eat a little bit better for more energy. It was definitely a positive experience, and I was happy to be a part of the group.” – Kevin R.

“Prior to the challenge, I was seeing a doctor for health issues related to stress, not exercising, and not eating healthy. The challenge motivated me to make healthier choices, and as a result, my health issues went away! Thanks to the challenge, I’m continuing to prioritize exercising and healthy choices.” – Jason S.

“The challenge impacted my health and well-being by pushing my workouts and training beyond my comfort zone. I credit my team members for their roles in pushing me as well. I also benefited from the challenge as it reminded me to continue my healthy eating habits.”– Steven S.

“This challenge always makes a big positive impact on my health and mental well-being. This year, I lost around ten pounds, and even after the challenge, I want to keep exercising daily. It’s a good jump-start to a healthy lifestyle.” – Kevin P.

“The impact for me was the fun and friendly competition among employees.”– Clayton T.

A big shout out to everyone who participated in the GET MOVING Challenge, and congrats to the runners-up: 

  • Not Fast, Just Furious, Ivanpah, California
  • Superchargers, 910 Louisiana, Houston
  • The Poor Unfortunate Soles, 910 Louisiana, Houston
  • El Segundo Wind, El Segundo, California
  • Walk Hard, 910 Louisiana, Houston

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