We Are Only Half As Good As We Want to Be

Here are 3 things companies are doing about it this charitable season.
Oct 10, 2018 10:30 AM ET

Last year, we saw seismic shifts in the causes people supported as we also crossed the $400 billion giving mark for the first time. We saw more people and companies give more than ever before, which is heartening in what has felt like a time of tension, crisis and unprecedented natural and “man-made” disasters.

Yet despite these seemingly huge numbers, most Americans are only half as charitable as they intend. 

To help bridge that gap, progressive and purpose-driven brands are adopting new strategies to engage their people in more social impact. As companies gear up for the biggest giving season of the year—September through December, make-or-break months that bring in around 50% of annual income for nonprofits and charities—here are a few trends we’re seeing that can really move the needle. 

  • Find out what the top causes being supported are
  • How the data shows that doing good looks different in 2018
  • And how to help close the gap this "Giving Season"