A Responsible Vacation Can Help Breakdown the Cholera Breakout

Taking a responsible vacation is about more than remembering to reuse your hotel towels. One of the least popularized forms of responsible vacation is using your vacation as a time of volunteerism, a time to help take care of your fellow man. Though not popular, the need for helping humanity is eternal, and furthermore, the need for helping Haiti is urgent. It has been almost one year since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake leveled an already crumbling Haiti. An earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude would be catastrophic in any well- developed American town, so its impact on the poorest nation in the western hemisphere has been horrific and ever burgeoning.

Immediately after the devastation hit airways around the world, financial aid from corporations, celebrities, and well- meaning men and women poured in. Unfortunately, as the months have passed, there is little to show for said financial aid. And while brave souls have already stepped up to the plate by taking a responsible vacation to aid in the recovery effort, many more responsible vacations will be needed in the days and weeks to come. For this ravaged nation, another battle has emerged- cholera.

Cholera is a bacterial infection of the intestines. Once someone has contracted the bacteria, they can quickly die from symptoms related to extreme exhaustion. This easily transmittable yet treatable bacterial infection has begun to spread throughout Haiti. While it remains somewhat contained, some experts fear the worse. Squalid living conditions in Haiti require thousands of its residents to bathe, drink, and use the restroom out of the same body of untreated water, providing a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. This is a critical problem that can at least be mitigated by taking a responsible vacation and volunteering to help where you can.

Not everyone is medically trained, but there are volunteering roles for anyone willing to help. Consider taking a responsible vacation to help get the word out about cholera prevention. Several Haitian radio and TV stations are launching mass public service announcement campaigns, and help with these efforts will never be turned down. Some local radio stations are setting up around town to blast sanitation tips through loud speakers, even pasting tips on cholera prevention for the individual and their community on the sides of delivery trucks.

Since this nation is in an incredibly fragile and volatile state, volunteering with an organization is highly recommended. Volunteer Abroad is one of many organizations with several ways to safely volunteer in Haiti. Their diverse array of programs offers the right volunteer opportunity for the right individual. Signing up with Volunteer Abroad will be a smart and helpful way to contribute to those hurting in Haiti on a responsible vacation.

Photo Credit: The US Army