Bringing Your Master Passions to Work

It’s important to identify what your natural strengths are and give space and time to shine in the workplace. I recommend you review all the past jobs you have had and identify your specific areas of accomplishments. Make a list of each position with title, job responsibilities and your results; big or small. Make note of specific acknowledgements and feedback from those who you work with and for. Their descriptions and language can give you guidance about the specific master passions which are yours.

Passion is a compelling action or emotion that moves you into action or maintains momentum for a task, goal, or duty. The more you can assess your level of passion for something the easier it will be to maintain it. Look at what you do naturally and easily that you look forward to and engaged with. I recommend you have a mechanism for evaluating your personal scale of passion. When you can clearly assess your engagement in a path or task the easier it is to move about and change direction as necessary. You want to bring your entire self to the work place and the best way to do that is to know what you are passionate about and bring with you. We’ll be discussing in January an entire series on Spirit at Work and one key factor for your spirit is your passion.

There are two ways I suggest in doing this. The first is to take what is assigned or given on the job and match your passions to that. Let’s say for instance you enjoy humor and making people smile or laugh. This of itself may be minor but seen in the aspect of passion would give you some context and direction for your interactions. You then would do your job with the intention of bringing lightness and making people smile to all things that you do, you would find ways to bring a smile to the work place. The second way is to seek out and request projects where you are using your passion. Perhaps being on a special committee or generating a new division or working on a cross-functional team, etc. Both of which are excellent tools for bringing yourself and your passion to work. It’s really about being mindful of what you are passionate about and then making space for that to come through.

If you don’t take your passion seriously then you won’t be able to allow it to blossom and shine. It’s your responsibility to bring your master passions to the work place and provide the environment and respect they require in order to provide you the confidence and encouragement you desire.