Call for CSR Case Studies

We’re heading into the weekend and I intended to do my first corporate profile today after visiting a sponsored project in the Kibera slum this afternoon. I think I’ll save that till next week and take the opportunity instead to draw attention to a call for Corporate Social Responsibility case studies for a special issue of The Case Research Journal that was recently announced here. Some of the many topics being considered include socially responsible or irresponsible actions by business firms, corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility in a global or comparative context, ethical marketing, social entrepreneurship and m you can see here (or propose your own).

The call is for decision or issue-focused original, primary research. There’s also a conference in October (29-31 – you could spend Halloween in Santa Cruz!) inviting early submission of the studies for the purpose of feedback and review prior to journal submission. There’s plenty of more information at the Green Economy Post and the deadline’s not until December 1. So go forward, research and submit! I’m definitely looking forward to reading (and wishing this coincided with my thesis which won’t be until 2010).