Changing With the World

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At many times it can actually overwhelm us and trigger us into massive shut down, or discouragement. If we're smart, however, we've learned that although we can't alter the fact of constant change, we can learn to manage our response to it. Here's a sample of how I coach my clients on managing change in their lives:

1. Accept change as a fact of life. As human beings we are constantly in process. We never get there, our in-box is never empty, and we can't catch up with technology. Our world is changing at a pace never experienced before, change is our only constant.

2. Commit yourself to lifelong learning. If change is constant, then learning must also be continual. As long as we are learning we're on the road to an exciting, fulfilling, meaningful life. Learning helps us feel as though we're moving with the ever-changing world. This helps to relieve our anxiety of feeling left behind.

3. Get healthy then stay healthy. Change, even positive change, is stressful. To keep stress from getting us, we must stay physically healthy with proper nutrition, enough rest and regular exercise. Remember as well to drink plenty of water and do things that nourish and relax you.

4. Look at change as an opportunity. Changing our attitude about change is one of our best management tools. Look for opportunities in every change in your life. Rather than digging in your heels and resisting change, allow yourself to flow with it and see where it takes you.

5. Develop and maintain a strong network and support team. Many changes in our lives require us to lean on others for emotional support and/or advice. Have your team in place-ready to see you through the inevitable significant changes in your life. These can include a spouse, extended family, on line community, civic community, friends, spiritual team, etc

6. Develop your spirituality. A sense of higher purpose, spirit or God can be a very solid aspect of our lives. Find a path and stick with one that works for you.

7. Engage in rituals. Performing a task or celebration in the same way each day or week. Create sacred space in and around you to develop yourself. This will create a sense of stability, a feeling of being grounded, a sense of security. Even the ritual of pouring a cup of coffee before settling down to work, eating dinner as a family, having lunch at a special restaurant on Fridays, or writing daily in a journal can be significant in dealing with change. Performing rituals and celebrating holidays in a certain way, gives us the satisfaction that not everything is changing.

8. Eliminate what bothers you. Get rid of the little irritations (and sometimes big ones) that drain your energy. It could be a toleration as simple as a missing button or as significant as a toxic negative person.

I will be sharing later this week some specific suggestions on how to make this time of year of end of year, silence, family, and holidays more meaningful and easy for you. Woven into that will be an entire model on how to thrive while feeling overwhelmed whether it be career related or because of the time of year. Take time now to write in your journal about how you deal with and thrive during change. Please email me with suggestions on what you would like for our readers to know from you!