CSR career management tip: Talk like them!

When is comes to career management advice, you might have heard that the best way to gain credibility among peers and established leaders in your field of interest is to 'look like them and talk like them'.  Well the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no different.  In terms of attire, there is more of acceptable range in CSR and in socially responsible businesses than in other fields, so essentially your attire strategy will largely depend on the dress code of the types of employers you are targeting.

In terms of vocabulary though, an interesting and fun new video was released today by the Business Civic Leadership Center, an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce dedicated to 'improve the conditions for long-term social and economic development in U.S. and international communities'.

The video focuses on the 10 Most Common Words in CSR.

I am not sure how many 'CSR officials' were included in the survey that served to generate the following top 10 list:
#10: Accountability
# 9: Philanthropy
# 8: DNA
#7: Leverage
#6: Core competencies
#5: Best practices
#4: Value add
#3: Green
#2: Stakeholders
#1: Sustainability

The good news in terms of CSR career management is that you might not have to learn many new terms to be emerge as a CSR candidate. Most of these terms are used in any business function, as well as in a number of fields beyond business. The bad news in terms of CSR management is that this means that you will need to really become savvy on how to use these words within a context that will serve to demonstrate your potential as CSR talent.

So how can you use this information to drive your career management strategy in your current job?

One idea would be to access your company's CSR report online, and use either a web browser or a pdf editor to count the number of times the terms listed above are included in your company's CSR report.  This information will give you the keywords you need to use within your company's structure to showcase who your work further supports your company's CSR strategy.

If none of these words lead to a lot of hits, you might use this alternative strategy: Use a piece of software that counts the number of times each word included in your company's CSR report is mentioned. This will enable you to gain insights into the vocabulary you need to use as your career management strategy to further showcase how your socio-eco innovation efforts align with your company's CSR strategy.

No matter what current role you have within your company, learning more about the keywords you need to use to best demonstrate how the outcomes of your projects align with your company's CSR strategy is sure to be a CSR career management strategy that will pay off over time.

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