Denver Airport Parking, World's Greenest, to Open November 2010

In today's world, parking garages are important elements of the urban infrastructure. So it's exciting that Denver International Airport's (DIA) newest parking facility incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide both environmental conservation and energy efficiency.

DIA is the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the tenth busiest in the world. It has been named America’s Best Run Airport and serves more than 51 million passengers annually, a good number of whom arrive by private automobile.

The new Canopy Airport Parking facility (previously called "Green Park"), is expected to open mid-November 2010, ahead of schedule and in time for the holiday travel season. Its LEED certification, almost certainly Gold-level and possibly Platinum-level, reflects its extensive use of technologies that are ecologically and socially beneficial.

This state-of-the-art parking garage, with room for 4200 cars, is designed around solar arrays and wind turbines for power generation, geothermal heating and cooling, and extensive LED lighting, with passenger shuttles powered by CNG and Biodiesel fuels. The entire design was conceived with a view toward reducing overall energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions.

The facility also incorporates a "Juice Bar" for complimentary charging of electric vehicles, in part for convenience and in part to help accelerate the acceptance and use of electrically-powered vehicles in the U.S. The Juice Bar's Level-2 EV charging station provides SAE-approved J-1772 charge points that can refuel all OEM EV cars.

Canopy Airport Parking is located at at 8100 Tower Road, Commerce City, CO, offering indoor valet parking, covered self-parking, and open air parking. Visitors to the airport can make their parking reservations by pointing their browswers to

The Canopy Airport Parking facility will be operated by Propark, a leading parking provider in the U.S., and a major force in driving parking facilities to become more environmental friendly and conscious. Founded in 1984, Propark is working to merge environmental values into its daily operations by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and a corporate culture valuing creative innovation. Propark operates a growing portfolio of diverse parking properties around the U.S. that reflect sustainable design, development and operations.

DesignworksUSA, perhaps best known as the creative partner of BMW Group, provided the Canopy Airport Parking facility with design strategy, research, design development, sustainability consulting, brand communications, and 3D modeling. In 2010, Fast Company magazine designated DesignworksUSA the world's "#1 Most Innovative Company in Design", and among the "Most Innovative Companies for 2010".

The new facility is 90% owned by Greenscape Capital Group, which works to increase environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability by focusing on enhanced energy efficiency and environmental best practices, and which also provides full service energy retrofitting for parking facilities across North America. Committed to green ethics, green business and making a difference, Greenscape will use its experience with this Denver facility to plan additional green parking projects in the future.

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Photo Credit: John Picken