Eco-Apps for All Occasions

To be truly successful, smartphones require smart users. Likewise, eco-apps require eco-users. Here are a few good apps to use when you’re eating, driving, staying in, out shopping, or just generally resolving to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Locavore is worth every one of the 299 pennies you’ll have to spend to get it. This app lets you know what foods are in season in your location (so long as your location is within the United States). In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, you may discover that eating in season is tastier, too!

Not sure if you should get the tuna roll or the salmon roll? The iPhone Green Sushi Selector app dishes out information about which kinds of fish are being farmed, which are caught (and what methods are used), and a general low-down on which fish selections are the most environmentally friendly and the healthiest (read: least likely to contain harmful levels of mercury).


Carticipate (iPhone) and Green Rider (a app) will help you to secure a ride-share.

Stay Home

The iPhone MeterRead app records your energy use, estimates your monthly consumption and allows you to track how making little adjustments can save energy, and decrease your bill – ultimately saving you a wad of wallet-friendly green.


GreenGlamGo offers suggestions on eco-friendly fashion designers and retail outlets. It’s a newbie, though, and is currently only available to Nokia users.


Green You is an Android app that helps you design a personalized ‘green plan’ to reduce your carbon footprint. It also helps you track your progress.

Check out the iPhone’s Good Guide to get information about general product information and where they fall on the eco-friendly radar.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, 2007 iPhone