Enter the Bathroom Sweepstakes and Win a Responsible Vacation (or, Perhaps a Showerhead?)

Responsible Bathroom offers a free, responsible vacation for four as the grand prize for the lucky winner of their sweepstakes. To win? You just need to register. Be warned: you will start out as a "Water Waster," with "0" pledge points. If you take a few pledges, for example: "I will not peel vegetables under a running faucet (save 2 gallons of water a minute)", you can earn points. Then you can become a "Savings Newbie", or even a "Conservation Cadet". More important than the eco ego boost: every 100 pledge points you win will qualify you for another entry in the sweepstakes. Also, while  you don't have to do take the quiz ("How Blue are You") to win the responsible vacation, it's interesting. For example, did you know it's better to water plants thoroughly on occasion than to water them lightly all the time? If you water well on occasion, your plants grow stronger roots and rely less on you.

The Sweepstakes ends on December 31, 2010 at 11:59:59 p.m. Available prizes include a Flowise 3 Showerhead (not all that exciting sounding, but it can save up to 8,000 gallons of water a year), and the grand prize lets you choose between three responsible vacation options. Choose an eco adventure for four in Costa Rica, a relaxing stay on the Virgin Islands or a white water adventure on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.

The Costa Rica tour, valued at $28,400, focuses on the beauty of local flora and fauna. If you're lucky, you will see monkeys (white-faced or howlers), and you're bound to see zillions of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm. Also, the trip includes a Chocolate Tour, where you'll learn about cacao trees, and you'll get to ride on a zip-line over the Penas Blancas River.

The Virgin Islands trip is an equally eco sensitive, responsible vacation choice. You will stay on Maho Bay Camps on St. John, where you'll enjoy tent-cottages on a quiet beach (don't worry: you'll have access to a low-flush toilet). You can scuba dive, go hiking on nearby trails, do yoga, or take a glass blowing class. You will also find a free "help-yourself" center, equipped with recycled books, suntan lotion, and other "stuff" from departing guests.

The Eco Conscious company, Middle Fork River Expeditions runs the trip on the Salmon River. MFRE buys carbon offsets for all the charcoal burned, and everything gets recycled. You will enjoy camping by the river, soaking in hot springs, and taking a wild ride through the white water. (Attention, fishermen: this one's for you).

Responsible Bathroom has managed to give toilets some attention by adding eco travel to the equation. Who doesn't love the idea of a free, responsible vacation?

Photo Credit: Bartux