Global Project Launched to Boost Investments in Green Buildings

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has launched a global project aimed at showcasing the health and productivity benefits of green commercial buildings around the world. The project will help put forward a compelling business case for greener buildings and promote greater investments in sustainable office building construction. The Green Building Councils of the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and Colombia are partnering on the WorldGBC project.

The project will make its case on the basis of scientific studies that have shown up to 23 percent gains in productivity from improved lighting design and up to 11 percent gains in productivity from improved ventilation. The project emphasizes the idea that even modest improvements in staff health and productivity due to greener buildings can have an amplified impact on business profitability.

In a business environment where up to 85 percent of a company’s costs are spent on salaries and benefits, the gains in health and productivity can be significant. Measuring health and productivity outcomes, and attaching a monetary value to them continue to remain challenging tasks.

The WorldGBC project will help find standardized approaches to capturing these benefits. It will also provide best practice guidance on various proven green building elements such as daylighting, ventilation and indoor office environments, which enhance energy efficiency and support healthier work conditions. These efforts of the WorldGBC can help businesses make better informed investment decisions as well as enhance employee recruitment and retention.

The CEO of WorldGBC, Jane Henley, said that there is growing body of research to support a positive relationship between greener buildings and improved health, productivity and learning outcomes of the occupants. However, this evidence has not yet become a part of investment decisions in the same way as traditional financial metrics.

The project is sponsored by Jones Lang LaSalle, Lend Lease and Skanska. The project builds upon the WorldGBC’s report, The Business Case for Green Building, which was published in March 2013 to show the results of existing research pertaining to the health benefits of greener buildings.

Source: Architecture and Design

Image Credit: Flickr via eoringel