Google, Apple, Facebook Pushing Ahead with ‘Green Internet’

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – A new report released by Greenpeace says that Google, Apple and Facebook are spearheading the efforts to power the Internet with 100 percent renewable energy. The report titled “Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet” details how these Internet leaders along with a growing number of other tech companies have brought about a key shift in the choice of energy sources over the last two years.

Greenpeace says that the stakes are high to make a shift to a greener Internet. If the Internet were a country, its electricity demand would currently rank sixth. Industry estimates show that Internet data is expected to triple from 2012 to 2017. Recognizing the challenge, Google, Apple and Facebook are powering the global online environment with clean energy. According to the report, these companies have demonstrated over the last two years that wind and solar are ready and waiting to power the Internet and the rest of the world economy with clean electricity.

Greenpeace assessed the energy choices of 19 top Internet companies, evaluating their power supply chains of more than 300 data centers. Five of these companies, which include fast-growing B2B companies Salesforce and Rackspace, apart from Google, Apple and Facebook, have committed to a goal of powering their operations with 100 percent renewable energy.

Google has pioneered the use of power purchase agreements for wind energy to provide electricity for its services, including Gmail and YouTube. Google, along with Apple and Facebook, has pushed Duke Energy, the largest utility in the U.S., to offer new renewable energy options for large energy buyers in North Carolina. Facebook pushed MidAmerican Energy in Iowa to power its data center there with wind energy.

Apple has become the first company to achieve the goal of 100 percent renewable energy to power its iCloud. Apple operates the largest privately owned solar installation in the U.S. at its NC data center. Greenpeace says that Apple’s rapid shift to renewable energy over the past 24 months has shown why it is one of the most innovative and popular companies in the world.

Source: Sustainable Brands

Image Credit: Flickr via pasukaru76